Introducing Our New Analytics Solution


As marketers, we frequently find ourselves overwhelmed by data as we struggle to connect disparate sources and glean insights from rows and columns in spreadsheets.
All too frequently, we just end up drowning in data while thirsting for knowledge…

But, What If….

  • You could seamlessly automate and connect all this data – from SKUs on hand in the warehouse, store sales data, to digital marketing channel performance – all in one platform?
  • Retail and eCommerce data could be transformed into intuitive visualizations and performance forecasted using advanced predictive models?

What used to be a data dream is now a reality.

Join Blue Moon Digital’s CEO, Cindy Brown, and Director of Analytics, Lauren Owen, as they unveil our new analytics solution for retailers, Visual4Site.  They will be joined by DOMO’s Tod Bayne, Director of Global Channel Sales, to discuss how the data deluge can be harnessed.

Five things you will learn:

  • How messy, unstructured data can be transformed into beautifully styled visualizations that are easy to understand and require minimal IT resources.
  • How our new analytics solution democratizes data and maximizes time spent on insights, not reporting.
  • How sophisticated anomaly detectors can alert you to trends before it’s too late.
  • How a predictive analytics platform can answer your questions about the future.
  • How Visual4Site and DOMO will free up resources, improve your business, and help uncover the true meaning of your data.



Cindy Brown

Cindy is the CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Moon Digital, Inc. She is a mathematician turned digital marketer who got her start in digital marketing providing email strategy and email delivery services to large publishers and catalogers. Leveraging her love for numbers and her knack for seeing patterns, Cindy decided to strike out on her own and formed Blue Moon Digital, Inc. Cindy’s digital mind and competitive prowess has helped her clients surpass industry growth rates threefold.


Lauren Owen

As the Director of Analytics, Lauren leads her team in developing impactful measurement plans for clients, auditing the technical implementation of analytics tracking, and developing insightful and actionable analysis. She has eight years of experience in digital marketing, including time spent as an Account Director at Blue Moon Digital. This experience in overseeing a myriad of client accounts and digital marketing channels, has led to an in-depth knowledge of how to best measure and assess channel performance and its impact on key business objectives.


Tod Bayne

Tod Bayne just finished up his third year at Domo where he is the Director of Global Channel Sales. Tod leads a team who are responsible for recruiting, enabling and empowering the partners who wish to take Domo to market. He brings over 19 years of proven enterprise leadership and extensive management in channel sales, business development, and partnership development. He has led the design, implementation, and management of all aspects of partner programs within distribution companies, computer hardware and software companies, and Software-as-a-Service companies.